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update 2// yo i changed the user again its now @/crystiil 

update// the freakin user i wanted on instagram is taken by a dead account ovo so uhh my new user is @/deadkinqs (i wanted the name kiish idek why i just like it lel)

hi!!! i've retyped this like 3 times already so fourth times the charm hopefully
if you haven't already noticed, i'm basically dead on this website.
i'm kinda like- yo, activity!!!
followed by a quick decline into nothing.

so i'm just kinda saying i think imma just move almost entirely to instagram
i'll post here for the following:

and.. thats currently all lmao
i might post small gif animations or status updates
or even occasional random art i just felt like making
but tbh this website is kinda just... not for me anymore.


i might come back after a while if i realize instagram isn't working either
i might not!
however, right now, i think its best for myself to not be on this website.

im struggling to type this section so excuse my shit if its awkward. im trying to explain but its definitely not working.
ive made friends on this website, some who i still talk to from the beginning, some new and some who i sadly dont talk to anymore. i basically grew up on this website from age 11-early 13... i spent like all day on it somehow. ive developed my art and i myself have changed a lot.
this website just doesnt fit me anymore.
i feel like the people who do care deserve a better explanation but i cant because i dont know why ive grown away from the website so i cant really explain something i dont know the answer for lmao


so i guess for now its a kinda... goodbye?
i was hoping when summer came around my activity would rise and its only been 3 days but im still struggling to even bring myself to load up deviantart :/
so like i said- if instagram doesnt work out, i might come back.
not promising anything though bc i suck at promises rip

contact shit?:
my instagram is currently @/ryyce_ but im thinking of a new user right now so i'll probably update this again when it changes
my skype is @/is.smol.bean (ignore cringy ass name oops) anybody is welcome to add me and hmu for a conversation
ill update with more if i think of me




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yall can comment where ever you want now lmao
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